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Benefits of a private GP

Benefits of a private GP

The demand for private GP services is currently on the rise, and this is so for various reasons. Private GP services offer several benefits over the NHS GP services. Some of these benefits include the following;

Longer consultations

A private GP appointment is available at any time, and you have the liberty of choosing a convenient time to see the GP, unlike on the NHS, where you are restricted to only working hours. The waiting time to see a private GP is shorter, and most private GP services allocate a 30-minute or even one hour consultation time to each patient.

With a longer consultation time, you can share all your health concerns with the doctor. The doctor can examine you and thoroughly investigate your symptoms to arrive at the right diagnosis.

During your private GP consultation, you can discuss your personal and family medical history, which will help to assess your condition and refer you to a specialist if necessary. Even with these services, you won’t have to wait for several hours to see the doctor and end up spending only a few minutes with the GP, which is common with NHS GPs.


Private GP services are more flexible. They have extended consultation and appointments times. This means you can see a GP at any time, whether early in the morning, evening or weekend. Some private GP services like Private Doctor London operate round the clock and all week, so you can be sure to have a GP attend to your needs.

High-quality services

Most private GP practices have the latest diagnostic equipment, plus the consultants are experienced, and specialists are available. At this, referrals from your private GP tend to be faster, and the test turnaround time is shorter.

In some private GP clinics, you can get your blood test result on the same day, ensuring better and faster treatment.

Tailor-made treatments

Unlike the NHS GP services, private GPs can provide you with tailor-made treatment to suit your health needs. This is possible because your private GP is not restricted to providing only services available on the NHS.

You are free to choose the private doctor to attend to you, regardless of your reasons, and you can see the same doctor to build a better relationship with. This helps the doctor become familiar with your health needs to provide the right treatments.

Home visits

Most private GPs provide home care if you prefer receiving treatment in the comfort of your home. With a private GP, you can request different services from your home, like travel vaccinations, blood tests and a wide range of checks.

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