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How Do I Choose A Private Consultant?

How Do I Choose A Private Consultant?

A benefit of seeking private medical care is that you can choose the consultants and surgeons you prefer. However, many peopledo not know how to find the right private consultant or choose between the available ones.

GP recommendations and advice

You need a referral from a private doctorto assess a private consultant, so visiting your private GP is usually the first step to get a private consultant. Your GP can recommend the right specialist for any condition. However, you may decide not to take the GP’s recommendation, but your GP is more likely to know the local and private doctors in your area.

Medical insurance restrictions

Most private medical insurance policies allow you to choose specific consultants, and some insist that their customer be one of the consultants they choose.

For instance, BUPA’s Open Referral Scheme gives you only two or three local specialists to choose from. If you do not use the recommended consultants by the insurance company, they will not cover the complete treatment cost if the amount exceeds what you would have paid at their chosen consultant’s office.

Other options for choosing a private consultant

If you have certain consultants to choose from, you need to get more information about the consultants before choosing one. You can get the necessary information through the following means.

  • Talk to family members and friends who have gotten treatments from local consultants
  • Check the consultant’s field of expertise and qualifications
  • Google the consultants for online reviews
  • Check for the consultant’s personal or hospital website
  • Check their online success rate, including infection and return to theatre rates

Prioritise your needs

When you want to choose a consultant, ensure you consider why you need the consultant. If you need fast treatment, consider the consultant’s availability, but if your concern is quality, opt for a consultant working with a hospital that meets your desired standard. You may also want to consider travelling out-of-town to seek care from an experienced consultant.

Talk with the consultant and their team

First impressions always matter, so you can contact your preferred consultant and their team to know how they deal with inquiries, which should give you an idea about how they deal with their daily activities and attend to patients.

If the service meets your standard, you can schedule an appointment with the consultant, but if at any point you feel you can’t communicate with the consultant or do not feel settled with their services, you can opt for another consultant. However, you would pay again for the services of the new consultant, which may be better than continuing your treatment with someone who leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

If you want to find a private doctor in London, you can trust us to cater to all your health needs, including recommending the right consultant. Visit Private Doctor London today or contact us on 020 7183 2792 to schedule an appointment.

Our private doctors know the reputations and specialism of most consultants in London and will refer you to a suitable one, depending on your health needs.