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What are The Benefits of Personalised Health Assessment?

What are The Benefits of Personalised Health Assessment?

You have the right to seek the best medical care when you feel sick, but seeking care to avoid sicknesses and diseases is also important. Certain lifestyle choices such as exercising, taking a lot of water, eating balanced diets, and sleeping can enhance your physical and mental health.

However, your doctor plays a vital role in ensuring you remain healthy.Visiting your doctor for regular health screening has several benefits, including preserving your health.

Health screening

Preventive medicine helps to monitor your health and identify health condition early before they become worse. Your doctor can carry out regular, personalised health screening and assessment as part of preventive medicine.

Early diagnosis of conditions like prostate breast, ovarian, testis, and bowel cancer significantly increases the success of treatment. Health screening also helps to prevent chronic condition such as colon cancer and type II diabetes. Not everyone sees the need to visit the doctor regularly for a health screening, and it requires a changed mindset to attend your regular health screening.

However, you should understand that this screening will help you live a healthier and longer life, so you don’t have to see your doctor only when you feel unwell.

What is a personalised health screening?

A personalised health screening aims to detect medical conditions, early signs of diseases, and health issues. It involves a comprehensive health assessment where the doctor can identify abnormalities and minor health changes you may not have noticed. These minor health changes may need further investigation to identify the exact health problem.

Your doctor may recommend simple lifestyle changes after a personalised health screening or suggest further tests, depending on your results. Regardless of the outcome of your screening, you would be taking steps to remain healthy for a longer time.

Who should have regular health screenings?

Taking a proactive approach to care for your health can prevent or reduce the impact of health problems.

People of certain ages get the same screening. For example, most women would have breast and cervical screening during their routine health check. Your doctor can recommend these screening for several reasons, and it is important to attend all your appointments.

If there is a family history of a health condition, the doctor will monitor you for signs of the condition or refer you to a specialist.

Everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy the benefits of preventive medicine, but most doctors recommend yearly health screening for people above 40 years. Health screening is more important for people over 50 years.

What to expect at a health screening

Your doctor will likely offer you a personalised health screening, which may last for about an hour. Most health screenings include the following.

  • A screening customised to suit your gender, age and personal health needs.
  • Different medical test.
  • Detailed consultation covering your medical history.
  • Additional tests if necessary.
  • CT scanning or genetic testing depending on the nature of your assessment.

Most health screening results are available within seven days, and you may need to visit theclinic for additional tests, or the doctor will refer you to a specialist.

Common tests during health screening include:

  • Bowel cancer screening
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Liver function test
  • Diabetes type II testing
  • Blood pressure check
  • Coronary health disease testing
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Kidney function
  • Cervical cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Ovarian cancer

Preparing for a health screening

If you have an appointment for your health screening, you may have to:

  • Bring a list of your medications to the hospital.
  • Avoid eating for about six hours before the appointment, but you can drink water.
  • Provide your medical information and x-ray from your local doctor.
  • Provide the name and contact of the doctor who gave the referral if necessary.

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