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Why Choose A Private GP?

Why Choose A Private GP?

More GPs are opting to work in private practices,and there is an increase in the number of patients seeking private healthcare services. However, some people do not understand the downsides and benefits of seeking private medical care.

Although the NHS has provided sufficient healthcare in the past, most people now have to wait for weeks before seeing a doctor, and they get to see a different doctor every time. This has led to the rising dissatisfaction in the NHS and people seeking better alternatives. The lack of continuing care from a particular doctor is also a problem,especially when patients need immediate care.

The private practices available have provided services where the NHS is failing, giving more people access to immediate medical care and allowing patients to see their preferred GP at their convenience. However, the cost of these services may be a limiting factor for most persons.

Downsides of a private GP

The cost of private GP appointments varies, depending on several factors like the duration of the appointment and GP’s expertise. You also have to pay for any test you need and prescriptions. Regardless of your NHS entitlements, you will pay for the medications at the pharmacy and the pharmacy charges.

If you have a health condition that needs ongoing medical care, the cost can be high, and not everyone can afford this.

Your private GP may not have access to your NHS notes, so they will rely on you to give an account of your medical history. However, your private GP may request a copy of your NHS notes at your expense.

Benefits of seeing a private GP

Although seeing a private GP may cost you more, it also has its upsides.

A private GP would offer you an appointment on the sameday you request the appointment. Private GPs usually work outside the regular working hours, so you cansee a doctor early in the morning, evening and weekends.

The appointment time with private GPs are usually longer, and you can discuss different health issues. Most private GPs offer a 15-minute consultation, but you can request for a longer time. You also get to see the same doctor when you visit the clinic.

Since there are no funding restrictions like on the NHS, your private GP can arrange for a test, and the result will be available quickly. Private practices also provide high-quality care using the latest medical equipment and technology.

They also offer different services like private medicals, health screenings, travel medical services and preventive care.

Although the NHS offers different services, NHS GPs do not provide certain services not included in their general medical services contract.

The NHS is currently overwhelmed and cannot cater for certain medical needs on time, so you may be better off visiting a private GP for your healthcare needs.

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