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Welcome to Private Doctor Clinic in London

Same Day Private GP Appointments

We are a very well respected private doctor clinic in London situated at Suite 20, 117A Harley Street, W1G 6AT. Our team of experienced private general practitioners (GPs) provide an extensive range of GP services to include – blood tests, health screenings, certificates, prescriptions, referrals and sick notes.

Our private GPs assist with an extensive range of medical problems. If required, you will be referred to a specialist. 

At Private Doctor London, we have a wide network of specialists with whom we work closely. We will ensure you are fully supported through any treatment.

Our Private GP practice in Harley Street, London offers a friendly and comfortable environment. Our clinic offers same day testing for anyone who is concerned about their health.

If you live in and around London and use a search like “private doctor near me” for booking a consultation, call us on 020 71832792 to benefit from our private GP services.

Our General Practitioners can assist with:

Our core service offers easy and quick access to a private GP. We will also carry out any secondary services such as – X-rays, physiotherapy, dermatology and podiatry.


Your private doctor will listen carefully to your account of your medical problem, perform an examination where needed, make a diagnosis, provide medical advice and prescribe any treatment necessary.

Private Prescriptions

The private doctor in London does provide prescriptions.

Sick Notes & Referrals

Sick notes, referral letters and other medical letters will be issued where appropriate. You do not have to pay any charge for this service.

Our GP Services


Under this heading comes treatment for high blood pressure as well as palpitations, shortness of breath and dizziness as well as cholesterol management.


Respiratory conditions include asthma, recurrent chest infections, shortness of breath feeling wheezy or coughing up blood.

Hepatology & Gastroenterology

Our specialists see patients with constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, heartburn or non-specific abdominal pain.


Our specialists in endocrinology see patients suffering from changes in weight, trouble with menstruation, frequency of urination, body temperature and mood issues.


Often patients who attend our nephrology clinic have been referred with complaints of reduced urination or pain when urinating, kidney pain, blood in the urine or swollen ankles.

Dermatological Constulations

Our dermatology service sees patient with rashes, suspicious lesions, moles that have changed size or shape, changes in their nails or hair loss, fungal infections, acne, eczema and impetigo.

Musculoskeletal Specialty

Commonly we see patients with aches and pains in their joints, muscular problems sore backs and necks and sports injuries.


Typically patients will see one of our neurology experts for migraines, headaches, movement disorders memory problems and sometimes personality changes.


Patients referred to our urologists are often suffering from incontinence or urinary infections, prostate problems, erectile dysfunction or testicular lumps and abnormalities.


We see women in our gynaecology service who are suffering from period pain, non-specific pelvic pain or menstrual changes,endometriosisand problems associated with the menopause.


Our paediatricians carry out children’s vaccinations and see children with the developmental concerns or behavioural problems and the full range of paediatric medical conditions.


Our psychology teams see patients with depression anxiety and stress sleepand eating disorders, trauma and dependency issues.

Why you should choose Our Private Doctor in London

  • Convenience – our clinic is situated centrally, at Suite 20, 117A Harley Street, London, W1G 6AT, UK.
  • Well qualified doctors – Our doctors have been registered with the General Medical Council and are UK accredited. We screen every GP to ensure quality of care.
  • Same day appointment – Same day appointments are available.
  • Quick and direct accesses – We offer direct access to diagnostic testing.
  • Affordable prices – Our prices start at £150 for a consultation session. We do not charge for sick notes or prescriptions. Our prices for scanning and tests are the lowest available in Harley Street.
  • Satisfaction of customers – Our customers constantly rate our services highly.
  • No need for registration - You do not need to be registered to make an appointment with your private GP.

Consultation Fees of Our Private GP

Consultation: £150

You can have an unrestricted consultation with our doctor without the need to complete a questionnaire of medical record. You will always be able to see a GP.

Consult with Our Private Doctor in London

Dr Mohammad Bakhtiar - Private Doctor in London
Dr Mohammad Bakhtiar

Lead Clinician and Director of Governance
Registered Manager, General Practitioner

MD PhD, DPharm, LRCP MSc

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What is a private GP?

A GP who works on a private basis and not through the National Health Service.

What are the opening times of the clinic?

Our clinic is open 7 days a week and till late on weekdays and half day during the weekends. We provide walk-in and same day appointments.


9.00 - 6.00 PM


10.00 - 14.00

Can you help - I’m searching for a Private GP practice Near Me?

If you are working or staying in London and its surrounding areas, then look for a “private GP Near me”. You will find us at Suite 20, 117A Harley Street, London, W1G 6AT close to Regent’s Park tube station

How much will it cost to visit a private GP?

We have flat fees of £150 for an unlimited consultation.

Will my health insurance policy provide coverage?

Health insurance can be accepted for specialist referral cases and few GP consultations will generally be covered by the insurer. We will advise you to check with your insurer and know whether blood tests are included.

Why should I visit Private GPs in London?

A Private GP can provide access to different healthcare treatments for many medical diseases. You can pay for the services you get and access others such as physiotherapy and psychological services.

How can I get referral from my doctor?

You need to visit your primary physician who will evaluate your problem before providing a referral. You will then have to verify your referral details and insurance details and fix an appointment with the specialist.

Will the GP charge for a private referral?

If you need to see a specialist, you need a referral from your GP.

How long will an appointment last?

The consultation will usually be between 15 to 30 minutes.

How will I know if my doctor is competent?

All our doctors are registered with the General Medical Council and have been UK accredited. We screen every GP to ensure quality care is being delivered. We collect patient feedback on a regular basis and use only those doctors that attain exceptional satisfaction scores.

Can you provide treatment during an emergency?

No, we handle non-urgent care. In the case of an emergency please dial 999.

Is Private Doctors’ a better option than the NHS?

Many people wonder if private hospitals are better than the NHS. In fact the level of care and expertise that patients can expect from a private hospital or within the NHS will be the same.

How will a GP registration work?

Registering with a GP at our clinic requires just a few minutes. You need to provide your name, email address and gender. The doctor will ask for other details at the consultation session. Overseas visitors can be seen too, and they will not have to provide additional documents.

Will my health insurance policy pay for this?

We might be able to accept payment from health insurance but we advise that you check with your insurer as some might reimburse you for your consultation cost. Many insurers cover blood tests or referrals, as arranged by the clinic.

How much time will an appointment take?

The appointments have been scheduled for 15 to 30 minutes which is usually sufficient. If you have several problems or a complicated issue, then we would advise you to book our unlimited GP appointment.

What if I need to change my appointment time?

You can change your appointment time 24 hours before it is due. For this, you need to log into your account and then choose the option "Change Time". If you have purchased an appointment in advance, there will be a £20 fee to change the time. For standard appointments there will be no charge as long as you make the change at least 4 hours before the appointment is due.

What do I do if I need to cancel my appointment with the GP?

Log into your patient portal if you think you won’t be able to attend your appointment. You can reschedule on same day or the appointment can be scheduled for another date.

Can my Private GP access my NHS notes?

No, your GP will take your medical history during the consultation. If you take any medication, it can be of great help if you bring it to the appointment.

Will you be updating my NHS GP?

We won’t be sharing your personal details with anyone but we will update you with relevant information in the format you would prefer.