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With the presence of Covid-19 pandemic and with travel restrictions, it can sometimes feel difficult to get the health advice you need.

We always want you to be able to see a doctor face to face when you need to and we know that you appreciate the care and attention of a doctor who is expert in their field. That is why we offer appointments on the same day so that you can see someone whenever you need to. At our private clinic in London we always try to work round what works for you. We offer appointments that work with your schedule and that includes early morning, evenings and weekends as well.

How we Work

When you have your consultation one of our experienced and expert doctors will be ready to diagnose and reassure.

For appointment, call our dedicated team on 020 71832792 or access our online registration.

Consultations with our Private Doctors

No need to wait

There will be no list to get an appointment in our practice and you will be seen promptly with all your health issues being taken care of so that you will be restored to health as soon as possible. If referral is needed, then we will ensure you are referred as soon as possible.

Dedicated Private GPs

Every one of our GP’s has a wealth of experience and will ensure that you are always comfortable and that any health issues are dealt with.


You can pay for your visit yourself or your insurance may pay for it. If you are given a prescription, any pharmacy will be able to dispense it for you although you will have to pay for it, as it will not be covered by the NHS

Private Doctor costs at our London clinic

Consultations Fees

Free Registration

Private GP consultation £150