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Private Prescription Service in London

If this is the first time that you have come to clinic or if you need a new prescription, then you will need to see one of our medical team.

Anyone who has already been seen for consultation will be able to ask for a repeat prescription for a variety of medication and this service will be free of charge. If you need a review connected with your continuing medication, our doctor will let you know.

Any prescription will be given in line with clinical guidelines and if you are already having repeat prescriptions you can call in to order a repeat prescription without another appointment. Our medical team can also prescribe after a telephone consultation, if you are already a patient, and you can then get your prescription filled in any pharmacy.

Our policy for issuing prescription

  • You will need a consultation if you are a new patient unless they are for an infection that we diagnosed through testing.
  • A repeat prescription will be issued in accordance with clinical guidelines. Sometimes, follow-up consultation or a telephone discussion might be needed.
  • If a prescription is for sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety or pain management we might need to refer to your GP to check when medication was last prescribed.
  • We cannot always guarantee a prescription will be issued from our doctors. We will always make our judgement on a case-by-case basis and according to clinical guidelines.


We might want to contact your GP when the prescription needed is for a condition like insomnia, depression or anxiety, or if it is medication for pain management, so that we can be sure when it was last prescribed.
No, we will always need to see anew patient to make our own diagnosis and assessment as to what medication is needed.
Only existing patients needing repeat prescriptions can be issued with them, without seeing the doctor first.
No. We will not prescribe controlled drugs.
Yes, you will need to pay for any private prescriptions.
Yes, absolutely. All parts of your medical information will always be kept entirely confidential. Only staff in our clinic can see your file.