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Private Blood Tests in London

Same Day Appointment and Results

At Our Private Doctor Clinic in London, we offer a range of private blood tests with very fast turn around and results delivered often within 24 hours by email or by phone.

Our team of highly experienced doctors have many years of experience in this area and as well as taking blood sample for test results we are always here with advice and to perform any other tests that are necessary. We are open 7 days a week, with early morning and evening appointments.

You can come and see us for your blood test without a GP referral. We have a list of over 1000 blood tests that we perform and the most commonly performed of those are:

Liver Function Test (LFT)

Results reported in 24 hours

Cost: £64

Vitamin D Test (VITD)

Results reported in 24 hours

Cost: £95

Testosterone test (TEST)

Results reported in 24 hours

Cost: £63

Oestradiol (OEST)

Results reported in 24 hours

Cost: £63

Bone Profiling. (BONE)

Bone Profiling. (BONE)

Cost: £101

Cholesterol - Full Lipid Profiles (LIPP)

Results reported in 24 hours

Cost: £64

Anaemia (ANAE)

Results reported in two days

Cost: £173

Diabetes (GHB)

Results reported in 24 hours

Cost: £63

Pregnancy (QHCG)

Results reported in 24 hours

Cost: £69

Blood Grouping Test (ABO)

Results reported in two days

Cost: £73

Full Blood Count (FBC)

Results reported in 24 hours

Cost: £56

Uric Acid (UA)

Results reported in 24 hours

Cost: £69

Book your Appointment

Choose a time that is convenient – we offer appointments seven days a week as well as evenings until 6pm and weekends.

GP Pre-test Consultation (Optional)

Be seen by one of the GP team for just £150 to consult on the correct blood tests.

Provide a Sample

One of our experienced nurses will take your blood sample in our clinic.

Receive Your Result

Your results, analysis and recommendations will be given to you either by email, post or you can pick them up in person.

GP Follow Up Consultation (Optional)

Come and see one of our GPs at a cost of only £100 for advice or further treatment.

Have a repeat test (Optional)

Track your progress towards a healthier life by repeating the test to monitor your findings.

Some of our private blood tests packages

We have a range of screening packages for general health monitoring and the most commonly carried out:

Silver level- £107

Full Biochemistry comprising of:

  • Uric Acid
  • Kidney Function
  • Immunity $ Nutrition
  • Test for Liver Function
  • Bone Metabolism
  • (Glucose) Blood Sugar
  • Cholestorol Profile
  • Inflammatory Markers
  • White and red blood cell count and anaemia,

For a general checkup in an otherwise healthy person that will identify any deficiencies or problems.

Silver level plus - £195

The test above as well as LDH, Iron Levels, CK: Popular with young, healthy and active people who want to improve daily health and physical activity. Detects any deficiencies and problems.

Gold level - £250

Testing as with the basic Silver Package as well as:

  • Thyroid Function Test
  • Iron Test
  • HBA1C Test for early detection of diabetes

People at every age, will benefit from blood assessment, measuring and monitoring their overall health. We advise you consider having this assessment annually so that any change in your health can be identified early. Certain diagnoses can also be identified at an early stage.

For men over the age of 50 a PSA test can be performed for £80.

The Platinum level - £420

Will include all tests mentioned previously but will also include

  • LDH CK CRP that will measure the performance of muscles
  • Folic Acid, B12 and Vitamin D – designed to help high performing athletes gain a more in-depth knowledge of their organ function, biochemistry, as well as their musculoskeletal functions.

We know that one size does not fit all and that is why we can work with you to carry out any tests that you need and tailor any package to your specific requirements.

Why choose us for your private blood testing in London

  • No doctors sales incentives
  • We are partnered with London's largest and most prestigious laboratory
  • Follow up optional appointment with a GP - £100
  • Results always reviewed by one of our doctors
  • Results within 24 hours for the majority of tests
  • Blood screens and testing from just £105
  • A convenient central London location
  • An expert team of UK doctors


We have very many blood tests to offer at our private clinic and those will include all the most commonly requested ones, although other less common tests can also be accommodated. All you need to do is book an appointment have your test and in most cases the results will be back with you very fast often within a few hours.
We know that having a blood test and waiting for the result can be an anxious time and that is why we always do everything that we can to. Make sure that you get your results in a timely manner so that you can get the answers you need fast. In most cases this will be within 48 hours although for some of the less commonly conducted tests will take longer.
Most blood tests will take only a few minutes and can be taken by a GP in surgery or in hospital by a doctor, by a nurse or by a person specifically trained in taking blood, a phlebotomist.
You could say that to have a blood test when you have no problems or symptoms is a very good time to do it. The reason for this is that the blood test results will give you a baseline of your different levels when you are well so that if these change it can be an early indication that there might be a problem.
As well as flagging up markers for some major diseases, blood tests also often show up more unexpected things like whether someone is suffering from chronic anxiety, whether they are at risk of alcoholism or Alzheimer’s. It can identify certain mood disorders, show up hydration levels, and could also whether or not you’ve suffered a concussion.
We would say no, not usually, because having a blood test will not affect your health. The most that you should experience will be a small bruise on the skin from the needle insertion although even that can be helped if you apply firm pressure after the blood has been taken. Try to keep the area clean afterwards too, in case an infection sets in. The amount of blood that will be taken is a very small amount so you should not notice any adverse effect at all.